" Chromotherapy and tricotherapy are as effective for psychological health as the perfect practice of yoga! "

" Wool is one of mankind's oldest textile crafts, long before weaving looms. Of animal origin, it is in symbiosis with our skin, which it cares for "

" Colours have an immeasurable influence on our daily lives. They awaken memories, give life to our language and nourish our artistic imagination "

" Handmade is the true luxury of tomorrow. It's almost a political manifesto: a response to the unbridled consumerism and fast-fashion prevalent in our society "

Creations of the moment

Explore the magic of hand-dyeing and bring your projects to life with our unique skeins. Choose from a palette of vibrant hues for infinite patterns. Create with passion, create with our skeins.


I live in, through and by colour. I have an organic and consubstantial relationship with colour, like others perhaps do with music.

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Wool quality

I carefully select the finest, softest fibres from the most reputable breeders. Each yarn we use is carefully chosen for its softness, strength and exceptional dyeing potential.

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